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8 Feng Shui Tips for Your Home Office

Did you know that when you apply Feng Shui principles to arrange your home office, you can increase your productivity and prosperity? Proper office design can also reduce your stress, empower you, relax your nerves, and boost your confidence while working. Feng Shui is not a fad; it’s not a religion; nor is it witchcraft. Are you aware that famous people like Donald Trump, Oprah and Steven Spielberg, and companies such as Coca-Cola, Shell, Sony, Procter & Gamble, and many others actively embrace Feng Shui to increase their business profits? This ancient Chinese system of space planning helps balance the energy, also called chi, of a specific place. By strategically placing your office furniture and accessories using Feng Shui guidelines, you’ll create a positive flow to allow business opportunities to arrive at your doorstep. Are you feeling stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed with your home-based business? The way your office is arranged can greatly impact your overall success. Here are some simple suggestions that will get you started transforming your office space to boost your morale and your income.

1. Position your desk in the command position so that it faces the door of your office, but at an angle, if possible. Facing away from the door while you work is a symbolic of turning your back on business. Sitting in the position of receptivity reaffirms your readiness to receive. If possible, don’t place your desk directly in line with the door.

2. Make sure your desk chair is comfortable and ergonomically correct with great lumbar support and adjustable height. It should have a high back, sturdy casters, and adjustable armrests. It’s good to buy the chair locally so that you can test it out to see if it’s the right fit for you. Having an executive chair will make you feel like a powerful business executive.

3. Create an environment that empowers you and supports your career goals. Your furniture and office should exude the feeling of a successful business person. Surround yourself with objects and artwork that represent wealth and success. Also, have things around the office that inspire you. In my office I have pictures that have the words strength, believe, faith, and wisdom. I also keep a plaque on my desk that says “never, never, never give up.” Another thing you can do is remind yourself of your achievements by displaying your awards and diplomas. Take a good look at the artwork on the walls. What messages are you seeing?

 4. Let the light in. Proper lighting is important when you’re working. Do you have plenty of pleasant, glare-free light in your office? It’s no secret that eye strain creates stress, headaches, and interferes with productivity. A tall lamp that shines light upward toward the ceiling can raise your spirits. Open your blinds and let the sunlight in. Dress your windows with light and airy draperies rather than heavy, dark ones. 5. Clear the clutter and make peace with your paper. Being organized in your home office is critical and not an option. Clutter drains your energy, creates chaos, and brings down your mood. Less clutter means more productivity. Make sure to have a filing system in place. Try your best to stay organized and file away papers each and every day. If you can’t tackle this alone, think about hiring a professional organizer to help you. You’ll be surprised how much better, more enthusiastic, and energetic you’ll feel working in a well-organized office. 6. Don’t overcrowd the room. Putting too much furniture or accessories in your office will create tense, nervous energy. Keep the amount of items in your office to a minimum, and include only the furniture and electronics you really need to conduct your business. 7. Add natural elements such as a flowing water fountain, live plants, a fish tank or fresh flowers. Feng Shui is about bringing nature indoors. Natural elements are great for getting the stagnant energy moving. Having the beauty of nature in your office will also uplift your spirits each day. 8. Paint the walls of your home office a color that makes you happy and energized. Dark, dull colors can slow you down, and neutrals like white or beige can limit your creativity. Choose a color that you love. By surrounding yourself with things that inspire and motivate you while working each day, not only will you be more productive, you’ll feel happier. Keep your workspace sacred and just for you, and make your office a place of power and productivity. After all, what you do there directly relates to your success and prosperity.

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